Curriculum Vitae


(02/06-12/06)  RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, Master of Fine Arts

(09/95-12/98)  Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois, USA, Bachelor of Fine Arts

(09/94-06/95)  Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

(06/94-09/94)   School of the Art Institute at Chicago, Illinois


Art Awards

(12/06)  RMIT MFA Graduate Award

(01/01)  Period Gallery Special Recognition Award

(04/99)  Rickert-Zeibolt Trust Award


Selected Exhibitions

(02/11)  Peninsula Print Studio 2011 Print Archives, Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai

(10/10) Viewing City - International Print Exhibition, Shanghai Hong Qioa Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai

(10/10) Exchange, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne

(01/10)  Peninsula Print Studio 2010 Print Archives, Fine Arts College of Shanghai University 99 Creative Center, M50, Shanghai

(12/09)  Peninsula Print Studio 2010 print portfolio exhibition, Dong Li Gallery, M50, Shanghai

(12/07)  The Summer Printmaking Residency Exhibition 2007, Project Space Gallery, Melbourne

(03/07)  Mostly Drawn, Chapman and Bailey Gallery, Melbourne

(12/06)  MFA Graduate Show, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne

(11/06)  Portrait of Salote, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

(02/06)  Copy Cat presented by International Noise, street exhibition, Sydney

(12/05)  The Annual Small Print Show, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

(05/05)  The Printmaker, 4Art Gallery, Chicago

(04/05)  The Big Print Show, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

(11/04)  Bridge Shoebox Series #2 art collection, Bucket Rider gallery, Chicago

(01/01)  Faces III, Period Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska

(10/99)  Mind the Gap print portfolio exhibition, University of the West of England

(05/99)  Rickert-Zeibolt Trust Award recipient exhibition, University Museum, SIUC

(02/99)  BFA Graduate Show (solo exhibition), Southern Illinois University at Carbondale



Printmaking Summer 2007 Residency, RMIT, Melbourne



Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

Museum of Contemporary Art, Artist Books Collections, Chicago

Private collections in Asia, Australia, and the United States