Alex Carroll
Self-Portrait, Delineated
Marker, Acetate




Alex Carroll is an internationally recognized visual artist and experienced arts educator working and living in Shanghai, China. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri (USA), he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Calling Shanghai his home for the past 10 years, Alex maintains his artistic practice while instructing young, emerging artists. His current work has been exhibited in galleries in Shanghai’s art district, M50, and at Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum. He has been published in a variety of Shanghai’s media including a recent feature of his work in Shanghai’s lifestyle magazine, Chic.  His extensive traveling throughout Asia over the past 15 years and his intimate knowledge of Asian art, culture, and religion has shaped the development of his work and his personal philosophy.

Alex Carroll's art is predominantly figurative working across the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, photography, and painting. His most recent work consists of labor-intensive, large-scale charcoal drawings that explore the relationship between body, movement, and duration.